Case Study - Techcombank: Private connectivity for unlocking the potential of AWS Cloud

FTI - A Comprehensive AWS deployment partner in Vietnam market

⭐ With the vision “Transforming the financial industry, raising the value of life; motivating each person to unlock their potential and act bravely for outstanding things”, Techcombank is committed to constantly bringing outstanding values to customers and shareholders; focusing on pioneering solutions to serve the growing needs of customers, becoming the most reliable financial partner of customers. Techcombank has the mission of leading the digitalization journey of the financial industry, creating motivation for individuals, businesses and organizations to develop sustainably and successfully breakthrough. Ensuring the stability, security and rapid growth, Techcombank and FPT Telecom International cooperated to comprehensively implement the AWS Direct Connect private connectivity via the FPT Cloud Connect service.

✅ Techcombank's Challenges

⭐ Techcombank has determined to become the center for all financial solutions, accompanying people and businesses to develop sustainably and raise the value of life. "Cloud First" strategy from Techcombank means they really need the stable network connectivity from Vietnam to nearest AWS Region location - Singapore.
⭐ Techcombank realized the essentials of cloud trend adoption in their business field and chose to unlock the potential of Cloud computing with AWS and FPT Telecom International connection and solutions.
⭐ The most important thing is to ensure the private connection from on-premises data centers to AWS Cloud for security and privacy for the data of Techcombank.

✅ FPT Telecom International's Solution

⭐ To make the successful migration, the technical team went to consult and learn to help find and resolve issues such as low latency, packet-loss and security. Ensuring the stability, security and rapid growth, Techcombank and FPT Telecom International cooperated to comprehensively deploy the AWS Direct Connect transmission system via the FPT Cloud Connect service.
⭐ FPT Telecom International provides customers with the AWS Direct Connect channel with the SLA up to 99.95%, an abundant and large undersea cable system in terms of bandwidth, as well as meeting the strict requirements for AWS channel protection. An available bandwidth for 01 customer that FPT Cloud Connect can meet is up to 10Gbps and go through AAE1, IA, APG undersea cables to Singapore.
⭐ DC connection to AWS will run 1 + 1
• The system runs under the High Availability plan for devices and networks connecting to global Cloud providers.
• FPT will provide 03 Cisco 4431/K9 devices running IP Sec with a maximum throughput bandwidth of 400Mbps. With a requirement to run higher than 400Mbps, Techcombank will notify FPT's technical support team later (02 Cisco devices running Active - Standby or Active - Active , the third device is a spare part for replacement as soon as it is available. equipment is running damaged).
• FPT will initiate 2 Cloud Connect lines under 2 different cable routes at the local loop and different undersea cables and 2 different VLANs at the top of the Cloud provider's site.
• FPT will provide a third backup Internet route for Techcombank to be able to use VPN with the bandwidth of 1/10 of the main Cloud Connect and Always-On route.

✅ Outcomes & Benefits

⭐ Techcombank successfully integrated AWS Direct Connect. Adopt a part of the bank's culture and process to the cloud.
⭐ With the expertises from FPT Telecom International, the last-mile deployment time was cut in half compared to other providers. Moreover, we are committed to deliver Techcombank a packaged solution that meets the difficult needs of information security and safety according to the strict standards of the bank, and meet the demands for extremely high and elastic bandwidth requirements for Techcombank.
⭐ With the technological values brought by the AWS Cloud and FPT Cloud Connect, Techcombank can achieve more security connection with committed latency below 40ms from Hanoi to Singapore, which is lower than traiditional MPLS or Internet Leased Line.

✅ About FPT Telecom International (FTI)

⭐ FPT Telecom is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Since January 2021, FPT Telecom has become an Amazon Direct Connect Delivery Partner at the Asia Pacific (APAC). From January 2, 2022, FPT Telecom becomes AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner providing solutions consulting, billing, and Managed Service services of AWS. In March 2022, FPT Telecom was the first partner in Vietnam to achieve AWS Networking ISV Competency, this certification validates a partner's ability and in-depth experience in consulting, implementing, and administering AWS Networking services. Moreover, FPT Telecom is also an AWS Public Sector Partner, certification has experience in providing solutions to government, educational and non-profit organization clients throughout the Vietnam region and around the world.

⭐ Information overview of FPT Telecom on APN: https://partners.amazonaws.com/partners/0010h00001cCj5aAAC/
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