FPT Cloud Backup and Replication (FPT CBR)

A data backup and restore service for FPT Hi Gio Cloud and AWS Hybrid Cloud for businesses that need to prioritize data protection, easily create and move archived copies of data to different environments/locations (comply to the 3-2-1 backup strategy)

Decree 53/2022/ND-CP on data localization

From October 1, 2022, Decree 53/2022/ND-CP detailing a number of articles of the 2018 Law on Cybersecurity comes into effect.

In particular, Decree 53 has a separate chapter to regulate data storage and setting up a branch or representative office in Vietnam. Accordingly, the data that must be stored in Vietnam includes:

  • Data on personal information of service users in Vietnam;
  • Data generated by service users in Vietnam (service user account name, service usage time, credit card information, email address, recent login and logout network address) most, the registered phone number is associated with the account or data;
  • Data on the relationship of service users in Vietnam: Friends, groups with which the user connects or interacts. 

Data loss - A Challenge for every Business

Furthermore, Data loss is one of the greatest threats modern enterprises faces, and it may be extremely expensive. The loss of data can result in a company's financial ruin or a reduction in its competitive advantage, leading to subsequent complications.
Choosing the finest data backup and replication solution that satisfy security, budget, and scalability is always a top concern for businesses. The future data solution for many enterprises is hybrid cloud backup and replication.

Launching the FPT Cloud Backup & Replication

Helping businesses manage the entire IT infrastructure | Reduce the burden of your IT team

fpt cbr
FPT Telecom International (FTI), Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Software Partner and AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, announced a new and comprehensive Cloud Backup & Replication solution.
End users are provided with advanced management of backing up and replicating data across environments in a hybrid cloud architecture.

Using Veeam's core technology, FPT Telecom International can help customers meet the standards of security, flexibility, optimal cost without hidden charges, and high availability from many environments. school; and in particular, comply with government decree data placement requirements.

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How FPT Cloud Backup & Replication works

cloud backup and replication

Approach of the solution


24/7 email & phone support

24/7/365 emergency phone and email support. Along with on-demand resources, guidance, and best practice implementations.

Easy to Use and Guided Configuration

Using Veeam control panel with friendly interface, simple and fast configuration. Businesses are guided to introduce, train and support 24/7/365.

Meet all data localization requirements

FPT CBR allows businesses to rapidly make changes to resource allocation, its backup data can be replicated following different backup strategies like offsite backup for on-premises, replicate data from AWS to on-premises data center to comply the data localization requirements…

High reliability and security

FPT CBR encrypts content in AES 256-bit encryption method, ensuring the data is protected and encrypted in multiple environments, including the following security compliance of AWS Cloud.

Incentives when using other solutions of FPT Telecom International

Discount when using the bundle of FPT Cloud Connect + FPT CBR solution + FPT Hi Gio Cloud

Support up to 200Mbps Cloud Connect (FREE) for first time data migration

Backup easier with FPT Cloud & Backup Replication

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