Cost Optimization

Helping businesses save more money in the problem of moving to AWS Cloud

Cost-saving on your AWS infrastructure and services

FPT Telecom deploys the AWS technology ecosystem as a lever for digital transformation, application modernization and digital infrastructure development for the future.

Discover tips and guidance from FPT Telecom International to save money on your AWS infrastructure and services.
FTI will conduct a Well-Architected Review to identify vulnerabilities and recommend best practices for customer AWS cost savings.

Right-Sizing & Right-Pricing - Cost Optimization

Choose the plan that suits your business needs


Choose a right-pricing model to reduce your AWS costs such as:
– Use Reserved Instances (RI)
– Use EC2 Spot Instance
– Sử dụng Compute Saving Plans


Consulting and supporting customers on the most appropriate and optimal type of instance and resource for AWS costs:
– Reduce the cost of redundant resources.
– Optimizing costs for low performing activities.
– Integrate cost-optimized services/solutions according to demand.

FTI's Experience

AWS Advanced Tier Partner | Networking ISV Partner Competency | AWS Public Sector Partner | Amazon Direct Connect Delivery


Advantages of FPT Telecom

FPT Telecom International (FTI) x Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Technical advantage

Choose the right plan for your business needs with newly upgraded infrastructure connecting directly to AWS in Singapore and experience in consulting and implementing for banking, financial, and insurance customers, FPT Telecom confidently provides AWS solutions to customers with a commitment to the highest quality of service and compliance with the most stringent security requirements of AWS, but still ensures the optimal cost in other use cases from the IT traditional model to the IT Specialized & Advanced model.
In particular, FPT Telecom owns the infrastructure and AWS Direct Connect service to help customers deploy transmission line infrastructure services to Singapore region at the most economical cost.

Cost Advantage

FTI helps businesses achieve more benefits.
(1) Making the accounting and tax declaration of businesses more transparent and easier.
(2) Flexible and easy payment, pay as much as you want.
(3) Helping businesses get AWS credits, reducing the cost of AWS bills when moving from on-premises to AWS Cloud.
(4) Providing preferential price policies when using connection services of FPT Telecom.
(5) Supporting to apply for funding for startup support programs such as AWS Activate, AWS EdStart...

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