Case Study: PVcomhbank - Implement the High resiliency model with FPT Cloud Connect

FTI - A Comprehensive AWS deployment partner in Vietnam market

With the action slogan "Banking without distance", PVcomBank has been constantly developing the product ecosystem, improving service quality on all transaction channels, meeting the diverse and increasing needs of many people. Organizational and individual customer segments. As one of the pioneering banks in digital transformation, PVcomBank continuously updates and applies modern technology to develop a digital bank with many outstanding advantages.

✅ PVcombank's challenges

1. With a leading orientation in deploying IT services for the financial system, Pvcombank has recognized the importance of applying cloud trends in its business field and chooses to benefit from the dedicated and private connection to AWS.

2. The most important thing is to ensure private connections from on-premises data centers to AWS Cloud and from Pvcombank's banking system on AWS Cloud for security and privacy of the bank's data.

3. No vendor lock in deploying connectivity to AWS.

✅ FPT Telecom International's Solution

High resiliency model of AWS Direct Connect

- With the newly upgraded infrastructure directly to AWS in Singapore, along with the experience and implementation capacity for customers in financial and banking sectors, FPT Telecom International provides customers with the AWS Direct Connect channel with the SLA up to 99.95%, an abundant and large undersea cable system in terms of bandwidth, as well as meeting the strict requirements for AWS channel protection.
- An available bandwidth for 01 customer that FPT Cloud Connect can meet is up to 10Gbps and go through AAE1, IA, APG undersea cables to Singapore. FPT Cloud Connect is a service that provides physical network connectivity on MPLS Layer 2 / Layer 3 technology from a customer's data center in Vietnam to any geographic region where AWS has its service infrastructure. Currently, FPT Cloud Connect supports direct connection to Singapore and connection via 3rd party to other countries such as Hong Kong, Japan...
- AWS Direct Connect connections will be made at Equinix's data center and Global Switch through FTI's network infrastructure in Singapore.

Encrypt the connection from the office to AWS Regions

- Encrypt all traffic leaving AWS physical facilities and use MACSec layer 2 encryption for traffic via AWS Direct Connect.
- AWS Direct Connect provides last-mile connectivity from PVcombank's office to the AWS Singapore region with a High resiliency model.

✅ Outcomes & Benefits

⭐Reduce the dependence (vendor lock) on a single service provider.

⭐Strengthen SLA for connection infrastructure from data center to AWS

⭐Reduce the latency and lagging issues when remoting and connecting to AWS Singapore region up to 50%.

⭐Receive comprehensive networking connectivity and dedicated support from FTI team.

✅ About FPT Telecom International (FTI)

⭐FPT Telecom is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Since January 2021, FPT Telecom has become Amazon Direct Connect Delivery Partner of AWS in Asia Pacific (APAC). From January 2, 2022, FPT Telecom becomes AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner providing AWS consulting, payment and Managed Service solutions.

⭐In March 2022, FPT Telecom was the first partner in Vietnam to achieve AWS Networking ISV Competency, this certification validates a partner's ability and in-depth experience in consulting, implementing, and administering AWS Direct Connect. Moreover, FPT Telecom is also an AWS Public Sector Partner, certification has experience in providing solutions to government, educational and non-profit organization clients throughout the Vietnam region and around the world.

⭐Information overview of FPT Telecom on APN: https://partners.amazonaws.com/partners/0010h00001cCj5aAAC/
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