Tech Talks #2: Resolving the difficulties of Cloud connectivity and Cloud data management

So the event TechTalks #2 with the topic "Resolving the difficulties of Cloud connectivity and Cloud data management" took place successfully.

We believe that, with the sharing from today's speakers: Mr. Dang Chi Hieu, Mr. Luong Gia Quoc Bao and Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, businesses have found the optimal solution to the data problems on your Cloud, as well as refer to NetApp's solutions to support multi-environment data management in the easiest way.


With today's storage technology, there is a close connection between devices, applications and connectivity.

– Data storage cost on cloud per GB is currently cheaper than infrastructure investment on premises, but has many other benefits such as availability guarantee, write/read speed performance

– Operation for storage is also faster and more convenient. You don't need to add drives when expanding data, and you don't need to manage changes when there's a storage problem.

– To maximize performance, the following parts need to be smooth and agile: infrastructure on premises, connection to the cloud, cloud storage devices, storage management applications

FPT Telecom International and Netapp held a seminar on data management and connectivity to the cloud to offer the most complete solution to answer customers' concerns about cloud storage.

Shared content can be accessed here: https://tinyurl.com/fpt-tech-talks-2

We invite you to review some outstanding images from the event that took place on August 5. We look forward to receiving your interest in our next technology events!

Link recording: https://www.facebook.com/ftidvvt/videos/810904500276262/

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Featured images in the event


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