Case Study - Fonos: Improving Customer Experiences for Startup Platforms

FTI - A Comprehensive AWS deployment partner in Vietnam market

⭐ Fonos customers have about 100,000 subscribers and 50% of them access daily from mobile, a system they place entirely at AWS in Singapore. Ensuring smooth mobile application processing will always be the key to ensuring customer experience with the product. Fonos realized that they have to work with AWS partner in Vietnam to resolve the challenges they face when the marine cable systems in Vietnam are down, which increases the latency and data-loss.

✅ Fonos's Challenges

⭐ The login and authentication (fulfillment of API requests) from the mobile user side depends on the Public Internet (FTTH/4G/5G) with high CCU at around 1,000 connections can cause lagging and long-waiting queue before accessing to the application, especially during rush hours (12PM-01PM, 9PM-11PM) when the marine cable systems in Vietnam had problem.
⭐ When the API accessing the application in Singapore is always short-lived, users often complain rush hour used over the Internet difficult access / long wait. In addition, the data transfer out section of requests as well as audiobook data from AWS causes the bandwidth to increase leading to high data transfer out fee.

✅ FPT Telecom International's Solution

⭐ FPT Telecom International (FTI) quickly made a proposal FPT Cloud Shortpath to Fonos, by leveraging the benefits of AWS Direct Connect in combination with 1+1 protected optical fiber infrastructure from Vietnam to Singapore with the advantages of peering to multiple large ISPs in Vietnam With FPT Cloud Shortpath, we bring all of the Internet customers of Fonos into the "tube" of FPT Cloud ShortPath to run a dedicated private infrastructure to AWS, from which Fonos will also manage and pay for the entire access of customers. FPT Cloud ShortPath guarantees comprehensive route performance, including latency, availability, and packet loss, in writing. This connection is far superior to a standard Internet connection or a connection to an international Gateway. FPT Cloud ShortPath’s uptime SLA can reach 99.95%.
⭐ FPT Cloud Shortpath is an enhanced service from FPT Cloud Connect to provide the shortest path for public users in Vietnam to connect to the International Cloud Service Provider. FPT Cloud Connect is a service that provides physical network connectivity on MPLS Layer 2 / Layer 3 technology from a customer's data center in Vietnam to any geographic region where AWS has its service infrastructure. Currently, FPT Cloud Connect supports direct connection to Singapore and connection via 3rd party to other countries such as Hong Kong, Japan...

✅ Outcomes & Benefits

⭐ With FTI's solution, Fonos lowered their latency and increased user stability in Vietnam access applications on AWS. Fonos will reduce anxiety in cases where Vietnam's undersea cable system has problems. Reducing the cost of Data transfer Out because users use over the Internet or Cloud Provider, Fonos is still the one who pays for the cost of Data Transfer

✅ About FPT Telecom International (FTI)

⭐ FPT Telecom is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. Since January 2021, FPT Telecom has become an Amazon Direct Connect Delivery Partner at the Asia Pacific (APAC). From January 2, 2022, FPT Telecom becomes AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner providing solutions consulting, billing, and Managed Service services of AWS. In March 2022, FPT Telecom was the first partner in Vietnam to achieve AWS Networking ISV Competency, this certification validates a partner's ability and in-depth experience in consulting, implementing, and administering AWS Networking services. Moreover, FPT Telecom is also an AWS Public Sector Partner, certification has experience in providing solutions to government, educational and non-profit organization clients throughout the Vietnam region and around the world.

⭐ Information overview of FPT Telecom on APN: https://partners.amazonaws.com/partners/0010h00001cCj5aAAC/
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